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STE F 206
Clarksville, TN 37040
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Over the past several years RMI has established an outstanding record with the Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) for delivering the highest quality of surveillance and imaging systems available on the market and by providing top of the line technical & field support to the agency.

Sensor Integration

RMI has been working with DOD in the experimentation of an all terrain vehicle (ATV) capable of enhancing the Force Protection capabilities while deployed in support of War on Terror.
What we have done
Key accomplishments:
Delivered real-world combat experience perspective to requirements analysis
• Supported logistical analysis for operational support
After completing market survey, RMI selected,sourced and delivered first ATV for experimentation

Professional Services

• Program Management
• Security Sensor Integration
• Curriculum Development
• Combat Medical Simulation
• Instructor Staff

Tactical Medical Training

RMI was responsible for training the Army's Brigade Combat Tactical Trauma Training (BCT3) team on the utilization and operation of the newly Mobile Medical Simulation Training Center which has already provided training to over 10,000 soldiers.
What we have done
Key accomplishments:
• Provided support to the design, development and
instructional support to mobile medical simulation trainer
• Served as subject matter expert during operational
evaluation and training events
• Briefed senior Army Leadership on effectiveness of
simulated-combat medical training

Customers & Partnership

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